”Global asset allocation
is key to our long
term strategy”

Managing the uncertainty

Our investment values are based on the fact that nothing in this world is for certain. With time, financial markets are becoming more volatile and geopolitical forces have an even greater influence on the global economy. Thus, investors should be aware of risks and opportunities on a global scale. 

At GSI, our philosophy has remained the same since our inception. We seek to achieve attractive inflation-adjusted returns through a diversified investment plan. In our view, the allocation of risk is key to sensible long term capital preservation.

Diversified asset allocation

In today’s volatile market conditions, we believe that there is no substitute for active management on a day-to-day basis.  Through asset allocation strategies, GSI manages each portfolio in close partnership with selected investment managers. 

Common objectives

We are independent from any financial organisation and seek to continuously serve our client’s best interest with full transparency.

 If you believe that you would be a suitable investor, or if you would just like to further explore our services, please arrange an introductory meeting with us.

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“The long term gets here before you know it” Paul Volcker & Peter Peterson